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LaSandra Morrison also known as Sandra Thee Author is the owner and founder of Rescue The Children. Sandra is a Las Vegas native born and raised. She lost her mother at only ten years old to an accidental overdose and has since reclaimed her identity by helping other people in similar situations. She has pursued her education at Purdue Global University and secured her Bachelor's Degree with her Master's Degree underway. Sandra has volunteered as a youth leader at New Light Missionary Baptist Church and Israelite Deliverance Temple. As a domestic violence survivor and a suicide prevention advocate Sandra has made her mark on the children in her community. Her vision to assist the children in the community with life changes and uncontrollable circumstances has bread an entire mentorship program. Sandra has been featured on Fox 5 news, Channel 13 news, and Channel 8 Now news presenting Rescue the Children Foundation. The four-time author and mother of two is a mogul and success in the community. She has hosted over five successful events in Las Vegas, Nevada which includes her very first Girls Summer Camp.

Sandra has furthermore developed Morrison Staffing Services, a staffing agency for recently released inmates or felons seeking employment and temporary housing.

Sandra's vision is to give the community a chance, an opportunity, and a future. 

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