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Objective: Rescue The Children Foundation is a holistic youth, teen and community development program that focuses on the strategic design to educate, empower, and bring affirmation to young women and young men that are in the community. RTC will rescue these individuals while rebuilding their lives by instituting rescuing, resourcing, and revitalization programs. RTC’S is a tax-exempt, non -profit organization that serves young woman and men who are in the community rather homeless or sheltered.


Provides a mentorship program for children ages 3-18 years old.

  •  Each child is assigned a mentor who will nurture and lead them.

  •  Each mentor is subject to a background check to ensure the proper care and safety for the children in our program.

  •  Provides hygiene bags (including toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, dental floss, a hand sanitizer, and a lip balm) and transportation to events, appointments, school, behavioral health programs, counseling, and more.

  •  The mentor is to uplift the child to get to their highest level of functionality in life; mentally, physically, emotionally.

  •  Weekly progress is to be notated and each task is to be notated for the child by the mentor.

 Weekly progress can be requested from schools, and tutoring can be assigned to
families who inquire.

  •  Each mentor must consent to GPS tracking when a child is in their custody.

  •  Mentors must check in while children are in their custody.

  • Provides jobs and training for children 15-18 years old.

  •  Work permits may be requested for children under sixteen.

 Object is to prepare child for the workforce in workforce readiness programs.
To create responsibility and exemplify cause and effect for children (cause: you
work, effect: you are rewarded)
To provide work experience for the children and create resumes.

Community outreach programs and events:

  • These events will consist of giveaways and education on resources available to children and families.

  • Speakers will be requested to speak on behalf of Faith Impact Center LLC and enlighten families and children on the mission of our foundation for the community.

  •  Backpacks, school supplies, food, hygiene packages, shoes, and clothes will all be a part of the events held in the communities.

  •  Teen shut ins will be organized for children and closely monitored.

  •  Outings and more events will be offered with the program.

  • Resources and assistance will be given:

  •  Jobs, shelter, medical, and dental resources will be given (referrals can be written by the program director).

  •  Children and families that are a part of our program can be provided with counseling resources and other mental health organizations who accept the insurance the children have.

  •  Programs that assist children, families, and more will be provided.

  •  Assists teen mothers with products, resources, and supplies for their children.


Board Members:

LaSandra Morrison- Owner/Founder
Lucynthia Gravely- Treasurer
Tobias Carson- Vice President
Lonicia Bowie AKA "Thee Goddess"- President
Tyrone Prewitt- Secretary

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