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The Hidden Gems mentorship program was created for girls ages five to eighteen-years-old. This program provides a mentor to each girl whom has been registered to address things in the subject areas of academics, self-esteem, depression, etiquette, sexual education, prevention (from drugs suicide and gang participation), and job readiness training. This program grew from its origin of a Girls Summer Camp containing a detailed curriculum and structure addressing these issues and enhancing girl power assisting young ladies on thriving from childhood to adulthood. 


Our mission 

To strengthen the areas of self-esteem and self-perception.  Promote resilience and strengths. Developing essential motives and skills to generate a positive lifestyle.


To offer our mentoring services globally to girls ages five to eighteen years of age to enhance the lives of these girls who will one day be our future leaders, mothers, and educators. We have the power to change the trajectory of the transition from childhood to adulthood. Hidden Gems Mentoring program is essential to the change we all wish to see. 


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